(..not limited to)

1. Advanced Computing

2. Intelligent Networking

AI & Machine Learning
Smart Grid Computing
Computational Intelligence
Big Data Analytics
IoT Architectures & Protocol
IoT's impact on 5G
Cloud & Fog Computing
Grid & Cluster Computing
Embedded & Green Computing
Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing
High Performance Computing
Image & Pattern Recognition
Natural Language Processing
Human Computer Interaction
Speech & Signal Processing
Smart City Applications
Cognitive Computing

Wireless Sensor Networks
Network Performance Analysis
Parallel & Distributed Networks
Internet of Things Networks
Social & Smart Networks
Software Defined Networks
Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Delay Tolerant Networks
Fault Tolerant Networks
Body Area Networks
Opportunistic Networks
Cognitive Radio Networks
Satellite Communication
Cryptography & Data Security
Software Defined Networks
Cyber-Physical Systems
Network Performance Analysis

3. Image Processing & Computer Vision

4. E-Learning, Cloud and Big Data

Image Security & Forensics
Theoretical Computer Science,
Artificial Intelligence,
Pattern recognition,
Image Processing and analysis,
Computer Graphics,
Virtual Reality,
Document Image Processing,
Distributed Computing,
Signal Processing,
Software Architecture,
Soft Computing,
Evolutionary Algorithms,
Software Engineering,
Ubiquitous Computing,
Perceptual Computing
3D Modeling, Visualization
Robotic Vision

Internet of Things (IoT) for education
Cloud based e-Learning and offer as a service
Big Data and Cloud in Hospital Management Systems (HMS)
Decision support systems, expert systems for knowledge
capturing, extraction and modeling
Mobile learning, ubiquitous learning, possibilities,
challenges and applications
Virtual/online experimentation, labs and scalable
P2P computing in education Learning management systems(LMS), frameworks and architectures
Open source, open standards, free software in education
MOOCs platforms

5. Security and Privacy

6. Digital India

Wireless Network System and Security
Biometrics Systems
Cryptography and Data Security,
Data Privacy Preserving
Authentication Protocols
Access control and authorization
Attacks and defenses
Application, Network and System Security
Information Security and Privacy
Cloud security
Distributed systems security
Security and Privacy for the IoT and 5G
Digital Forensics
Intrusion detection and Malware Analysis
Vulnerability analysis and assessment
Mobile and Web security and privacy
Secure Protocols and Design
Security and Privacy Measures and Policies
Privacy Preserving Data Publishing & Mining
Security architectures
Social Networks Analysis and Security

Challenges & Opportunities in creating Digital India
Green Computing
Technological innovations


Conference Dates are 8th-9th March, 2019